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A company specialized in the field of CCTV systems, alarm systems, integrated control systems and access control
. The company offers the following services:
- Technical studies and technology.
- Implementation of these studies includes:

- Appropriate with other such systems and the necessary.
- Installation, programming and operation.
- Maintenance and development.
First - the cameras
- Different types of cameras: regular and specialized cameras, cameras for night observation (working on the rays are not visible) and the necessary lenses (regular, specialized, automatic control of lighting, zoom near and far).
- Engines multiple cameras specifications: two-or four-way, fixed or variable speed. In addition to control systems.
- Units Manifesting and Control: Soetcherat of different capacities (from 4-256 camera), and the cutters to show more than one camera on one screen at the same time.
- Systems, image transfer and control functions of the camera range cable and two normal very long distances (up to more than 3 km).
- Systems for Video Recorders mentioned Bozmna and high pressure (40 day record and the one on the cassette), and digital recorders make it possible to address the recorded image, print, and zoom in or enlarge part of it.
Secondly - Integrated Alarm Systems:
- Anti-theft protection systems: This includes movement sensors of various kinds, including sensors vivo and characterized by the potential of high-tech and high reliability with a probability of error 1 of a million.
- Controllers warning multiple areas with or without a screen showing the screen. '
- Warning horns of various kinds and different Basttaat.
- A telephone alert systems for cases of warning with the ability to send voice messages recorded.
Third - Access Control Systems:
- A simple digital devices to control access by entering a number or magnetic card.
- Entry control devices operating independently or connected to the computer, which can monitor the time employees. And these devices can be linked with accounting software imported or domestic. And varied access mechanism: Using Fingerprints, or magnetic card, or enter a special number.
- Intercom devices visible to see the next across the screen on the device and found his conversation and open the door. As additional memory can be connected to record images of people who using the headset intercom according to a certain capacity. Sophisticated devices are also available from which to form a network of speakers and visual Alontervonat to investigate an integrated system for multi-facility doors and partitions.
Company Address
Syria, Damascus, Bab Msala Square.

For more information in Syria call us +963 11 882 99999 / 882 91111/MOB:+963 988 477466 FAX:+963 11 888 6177
For more information in Egypt call us Tel :+20 15371158 Mobile : +20 1065239691
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